Research Day

Would you agree that you can’t put a price on research?

Have you thought of investing in multiple areas but have never got round to it?

Is your time limited to carry out required extensive research?

Are you nervous about investing in a new area because you don’t have a local team?

If you answer yes to any of the above questions then spending a day in an area with an expert may be the answer, and help you fast track your knowledge. We have a number of areas where we have already carried out extensive research and know what’s ‘hot’, what’s ‘grot’, and can supply a comprehensive discovery programme so you can buy with confidence.

The programme is delivered by local experienced property investors for individuals who are looking at increasing their portfolio or buying their first investment property. The facilitators will share everything you need to know about investing in your particular area of interest and how it can fit in with your current strategy and why northern towns such as Grimsby or Hull should form a part of your strategy.

Our inclusive package for the day includes:

Strategy Review

Our team will help you review your property investment strategy and understand how you can maximize your investment to build and manage a cash flowing portfolio using creative finance techniques.

Walking the Streets

During the day you will drive and walk the streets to gain an appreciation of which areas you should focus on and which you should avoid to gain maximum yield from your investment. You will be provided with a free map of the area so you can identify the local 'property hot spots'.

Property Viewing

You will view a selection of properties 'for sale' that fit your investment strategy with local agents and/or private sellers, with an opportunity to submit real offers. We will also show you properties currently under refurbishment and properties refurbished ready for letting.

Deal Analysis

Our team will walk you through the techniques used to determine Purchase Price, Market Valuations, Rent Appraisals, Gross Yield, Return on Investment, and Long Term Cash Flow.


As part of the day a free lunch will be provided where you will get the opportunity to ask all of your questions and understand how our Property Sourcing and Management Services can assist you to grow your portfolio quickly and efficiently.

Which Area?

If you are unsure where you would like to undertake your research then you can download a comprehensive research guide for a discount price of £97 which will be credited against the price of a day in that area.

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